Save hours of time with your own Kupang Yellow Pages online

Consider this page your personal Yellow Pages for the Kupang Area. Businesses of all types can be found here.

Government Offices, Public Services and even Aid Agencies currently operating in Kupang can also be accessed from this site.

If you know of any offices or businesses that you feel should be represented on this page, please, let us know.


Kupang Newspapers and Bookstores

Kupang readers are a hungry lot and the proof is in the figures.

Kupang has many of it's own newspapers that are full of information both local and International from sports, celebrity info and even pages of advertisments for products and services available in Kupang and N.T.T.

There are some great bookstores here where hundreds of individual publications available. See the list for more.

Featured Kupang Newspapers

Victory News
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Government Offices and Public Services

Sometimes finding a certain Government Office or Public Service can be quite frustrating.

Feel free to browse our comprehensive list of these offices complete with individual location maps to assist you in getting there.

As we have been living and working in Kupang for the past twenty years we can also try to answer any questions you may have relating to these offices in how they function or what procedures are necessary for certain requests.



Yes, Kupang is not Monaco, but you will be surprised that there are activities and facilities here for the whole family.

Bars & Restaurants, Diving and even a local Hash House Harriers will entertain you week in, week out.



Supermarkets, Fashion Outlets, Beauty Salons, Music Stores, Handphone Retail & Repair.

Photo Studios, Computers, Airlines and Travel Agents.

Hardware Stores, Bakeries, Automotive Parts, Electronic Stores, Sporting Goods and Fitness Centers are all found here.


International Aid Agencies in Kupang & N.T.T.

This region has always been known to the tens of AID agencies to be one of the poorest in natural resources in Indonesia.

Since the influx of refugees from Timor Leste a few years ago, Aid Agencies have been working extra hard to assist the local communities to better their environment with numerous ongoing projects.

Feel free to check out their links and find out what they are up to in this region.


Kupang Investment

Investment in Indonesia is back on track and is currently strong so now is the best time to invest.

Kupang has a range of investment opportunities available from small to multi-million dollar deals.

Interested? Well have a look at some of these.


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