Electronics, Handphones and Photo Studios

Electronic Stores and Repair

Thankfully, Kupang has tens of electronic stores that stock virtually everything you might need from two door fridges to the latest DVD players.

See our list of electronic stores and shop around as prices vary quite a bit from shop to shop.

Normally, you would throw away your electronic device if it started playing up but not here.

In Kupang there are small roadside stores that have very knowledgeable technicians that can pull apart your device and find the problem. Parts are cheap and so is the labor but be forewarned these guys although very skillful are not certified.

Handphones, yes, even your maid has one now

Just about everyone in Kupang has a handphone now so where do they all come from?

A couple of years ago there were maybe ten shops in Kupang that dealt with handphones, now there are more like 300 individual places where you can buy the latest phone or pick up a charge card.

Not many of these stores, some more like road side kiosks, can repair handphones so please see our list of repairers for this.

Photo Studios - For that perfect portrait

With the digital age comes some amazing advantages for us, the consumer.

Calendars, identification tags, special family albums and even direct internet photo delivery can all be done.

Check out the great things that can be done with photos.

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