CV. Nasional Putra - Contractor and Industry

Nasional Batako

The building blocks of Kupang

CV. Nasional Putra trading as "Nasional Batako" is a major producer of building bricks, also known as besser blocks.

With tens of staff producing hundreds of bricks daily, Nasional Batako has thousands of "Ready Stock Bricks" available immediately at very reasonable prices.

Nasional Batako can even deliver straight to your address.

Nasional Closet

Add some co lour to your life

Nasional Closet is another branch of CV. Nasional Putra that specializes in locally produced flush fitting toilet bowls.

Various colors are available and even custom colors can be ordered to match your bathroom decor.

Once again, Nasional Closet has thousands of "Ready Stock Items" that can be delivered right to your door seven days a week.

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